Feeling lost? No worries, Futurekitchens rebranded to Winning!!

This food is made by a team that, until recently, thought Aubergine was a town in France.

Some might say it’s their complete ignorance that made them 
see the potential to create these convenient yet utterly healthy food products. Who else would have envisioned using space grade up-cycled astro food to tackle food loss, our climate’s biggest pain in the _________.

Winningfoods Pannekoek teamfoto

Floris Schoenmakers

Frederik van Dessel

Jef Cavens

All jokes aside, we’re a team of purpose driven souls who are in business to make a difference.

Early 2020, right before that virus hit and with very limited experience in the food industry, we embarked on this great adventure. Today, 2 years, many vegetables and too many hard-learned mistakes later, we feel comfortable to say that we found our place in the food ecosystem. Thanks to a great bunch of loyal customers, we’re growing at a steady pace, on our way to making more impact than we could have wished for.