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FAQ about mission to create positive impact


Promoting plant based diet

We’re all about rocking the plant-based lifestyle while giving Mother Earth a break. Our “Lego for food” is like a cosmic culinary adventure, making it easy to say “see ya later” to animal products.

Frozen for more nutritional value and less waste

We’ve got a frosty secret – frozen food can be way cooler than you think. It’s like a nutritional time capsule, preserving all the good stuff. Plus, no more tossing food in the trash can. You only use what you need, when you need it.

Large volumes and less packaging

We’re in the business of “go big or go home.” With 16 bags of frozen awesomeness, we’re dishing out the goods with way less annoying packaging. Think of it as our way of telling waste to take a hike.


Responsible production

We’re not just whipping up tasty creations; we’re all about making a real difference for the climate and the environment. Our ingredients are sourced with a green conscience, ensuring minimal carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact in every delicious bag. It’s our way of taking care of the planet, one mouthwatering meal at a time.

Local and seasonal

We’re all about supporting local heroes. When it’s in season, it’s in our bag – the fresher, the better. 


How about time

Say goodbye to slaving away in the kitchen. Our 15-minute recipes are a game-changer, giving you more time to kick back and enjoy life. Who needs hassle when you’ve got tasty shortcuts?

Healthy food and cooking education

We’re not just handing out recipes; we’re handing out knowledge. We’ll teach you how to whip up delicious, healthy meals like a pro. Cooking isn’t a chore; it’s a superpower, and we’re here to show you how to wield it.

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