Feeling lost? No worries, Futurekitchens rebranded to Winning!!


We see inspiration in desperation. We believe food should not heat the globe, but feed it. Food loss and animal-based diets are two of the top drivers of global warming. Winning is on a mission against losing food at the farm level while promoting plant-based diets. Inspired by people and organizations who manage to squeeze water from stone, we help make the most of each farmer’s harvest by turning nearly lost fruits and veggies into winning, plant-based food.

We are Winning Foods and this is 
our cause worth fighting for.

We're on a mission against food loss, the world's dumbest problem.

Mission roadmap

A. Inspire (2021-...)

Start telling the story with our first product – soups -, while building a trusted network of farmers.

B. Expand (2022-...)

Once we have a solid network of farmers and access to conservation techniques, we want to expand to other categories with Winning Ingredients.

C. Zero Waste Farms (2024-...)

100% valorisation of farm production. Predicting quantities of produce per category – fresh & conserved – and offering commercial channels with fair compensation for farmers. Eliminating overproduction and loss at farm level.