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1.8kg of veggies 
in a box.

Instant healthy soup with 100% vegetables

Delivery within 1-3 days
Free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium

Ready in 60 seconds

Just add 200 ml water et voila!

What’s in the pack?

3 to 4 flavours per box. For organisations we can create custom card for in the box and a custom sleeve. (see options below)

Nutritional value

For our products none of the raw materials below are used as: Ingredient; or an ingredient of a compound ingredient; or an additive or part of a compound additive; a technological aid or part thereof. Wheat, rye, kamut, Crustaceans and / or molluscs derived products; Eggs and egg products; Fish and fish products; Milk and milk products; Nuts and sesame seeds and their derivatives; Peanuts and derived products; Celery and / or mustard; Lupine and derivatives


  • ~50% of daily recommended veggie intake/serving
  • ~1.2kg or 1.8kg of veggies per pack
  • Climate positive! (See impact analysis)
  • All plants, zero crap
  • Carbon neutral packaging, made from sugar cane
  • Ready in 60 seconds
  • Messaging raises awareness
  • And most of all: tastes like it’s the real thing