Feeling lost? No worries, Futurekitchens rebranded to Winning!!

It’s delicious climate action.

How it compares

1 serving = ~50% your daily recommended veggie intake




Long shelve life

Climate positive

Home made soup

Classic instant soup

Winning soup

For the office

A lovely box filled with an unreasonable amount of veggies for the office. Including messaging on the Sustainable Development Goals and top-quality spice jars.


As a gift​

Probably the healthiest and most sustainable gift out there… For your team or clients!

Nutritional info

The Tomato and Broccoli contain CELERY and/or MUSTARD as raw ingredients.

For our products none of the raw materials below are used as: Ingredient; or an ingredient of a compound ingredient; or an additive or part of a compound additive; a technological aid or part thereof. Wheat, rye, kamut, Crustaceans and / or molluscs derived products; Eggs and egg products; Fish and fish products; Milk and milk products; Nuts and sesame seeds and their derivatives; Peanuts and derived products; Lupine and derivatives